So, Who (or What) Is G.I. June?

   I guess “G.I. June” was born out of a joke I made when my family and I were starting out as a military family at our first station. What do you get when you mix the military lifestyle and a homemaker? G.I. June! I thought it was a cute description of who I was (and still am), so I adopted it as a nickname. But over the years “G.I. June” has come to be more than that. To me, it shows how proud I am of who I am and what I do. I am proud to be a military wife. I am proud of my husband and what he does. I am happy to be “the woman behind the man,” so my husband can succeed. My home and my family are my job, so I am proud of what I do at home: taking care of my girls, managing the household, cleaning, and preparing meals. I take joy in cooking. It’s one of the things I am very thankful for as a housewife and stay at home mom. I get to indulge my desire to cook and bake far more often than I might otherwise be able to. Add to that the fact that I can send most of the finished products off to work with my husband and not have to eat it all myself, and it’s the perfect set-up.
   G.I. June is what I aspire to every day. A strong woman, because a military wife has to be strong, who embraces her life and takes pride in it, even if some people say “all” she does is keep things going on the home front. But we know better. She makes it all work. In that sense, there are G.I. Junes everywhere. I’m just one of many, but I am blessed to be one of the many.

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