The Home Stretch

As of tomorrow, we’re in the home stretch: Third Trimester! On the one hand, part of me feels like this pregnancy has flown by, but on the other, hitting the 28 week mark reminds me that I get to spend pretty much the whole summer getting bigger and feeling more uncomfortable. Thank God for air conditioning!

Now there is one downside to hitting this milestone. It also means tomorrow I face my least favorite part of pregnancy. To me this one thing is worse than morning sickness and even childbirth. I speak of the dreaded glucose test. (*Shudder*) I despise it. The drink (“glucola”) is absolutely vile. To me it tastes like very sweet, flat, watered down soda. It takes all my skills learned at college social events to be able to hold my nose and chug the stuff as quickly as possible and then not throw up immediately afterward. Add the fact that my prior experiences have involved the drink being orange flavored (a flavor I cannot stand) and my having to be on an empty stomach to take the test (I’m bad enough hungry when I’m not pregnant. When I am, the hanger is even more irrational.), and hopefully you can understand why I dread this so.

However, I am hopeful that tomorrow will be an improvement. I actually got a choice of flavors this time, so I was able to pick lemon-lime instead of orange. I’m not hoping for any marked improvement in taste. I’m sure the lemon-lime flavor is just as overly sweet, flat, and watered down as the orange, but at least it’s not orange. Also, this time around I don’t have to fast, so hopefully I won’t be desperately digging in my purse for a granola bar as soon as the blood draw is over. I’ll still probably take a snack to have afterwards, but I won’t be as frantic to find it.

So there you have it. The home stretch and my least favorite part of pregnancy. I know in the grander scheme of things it is a minor, silly sort of thing to dislike so much, but honestly, to me, my least pleasant memories of pregnancy have been the two prior glucose tests. Oh well, bottoms up!

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