In Our Garden: Sprouts!

Little Carrot Sprouts

Little Carrot Sprouts

We have sprouts! I didn’t epically fail and doom this project from the start! Granted, we are a long way from having viable carrots and beautiful lupines or bluebonnets to admire, but at least we haven’t come up completely empty. Even my little herbs seem happy. At the very least I can tell the oregano has grown since I planted it, and I’ve even managed to get a couple of more stalks off of the green onion. I’m so pleased. I’m glad the girls will have things to watch grow, and not just boxes full of dirt or dying herbs.

Lupine Sprouts

Lupine Sprouts

We also seem to have a visitor who comes and enjoys our garden. A baby rabbit has come by the past few days and taken naps in my onion filled crock pot turned planter. He gets in, dozes off for a bit, and then continues on his way. So far he hasn’t made any attempt to eat anything, so I’m willing to let him be. Big Bit has taken to calling him Benjamin after Beatrix Potter’s Benjamin Bunny. Given that he is sleeping with the onions, I find the name entirely appropriate.


Benjamin and the Onions

Hopefully our success will continue and my thumb can transition from black to at least some shade of green.

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