In Our Garden: Successes and Setbacks

Time for an update on our garden project! First, the good news:

The lupines and bluebonnets are still sprouting up nicely and seem to be doing very well. We are still a long way off from having flowers, but this good start is making me hopeful that we will have some before the end of the season. The onions in the crock pot turned planter are also doing very well. One looks like it will be flowering soon. I promise to take a picture of our “bloomin’ onion” once it is in full flower. The herb garden also seems to be happy (for the most part). The green onion is still sending up new shoots, and I’m getting a nice little stash of chopped green onion bits in my freezer. I’m guessing we’ll have to have baked potatoes or something for dinner sometime soon.

The real success story, though, has been the oregano. I was able to get our first harvest about a week ago. Between the two plants, I got a nice sized bunch which is still currently hanging and drying out in our dining room. Big Bit was completely fascinated by the whole process of harvesting the oregano and then getting it tied (or in this case, rubber-banded) together to be hung. I’m planning on doing an Italian dish when it is fully dried out, so Big Bit can see the complete cycle, from garden to table. It’s important for kids to know where their food comes from. I’m also very proud of how well Big Bit has learned to identify the plants in our garden. She can name all the herbs we’re growing and point out which is which. I’m glad she’s enjoying this and that she’s learning from it, too. I am one proud and happy mama.

Our First Oregano Harvest

Our First Oregano Harvest

And now on to the not so good news:

The first setback is that a heatwave we experienced seems to have been too much for a good chunk of our baby carrots. Of all the sprouts we had, I think maybe a third or so are left. They just couldn’t take the heat. Hopefully we will still get one or two out of the planter that can be harvested and cooked (once again, illustrating garden to table), but we’ll see. Hopefully the survivors are a hearty bunch and even if we do get more high temperatures (which we most likely will), it won’t do the rest in.

Setback number two is that a few nights ago we had a wind storm that decapitated my rosemary. There is one measly little sprig left sticking out of the dirt in the planter. However, the roots are still intact and I am hoping that the plant can recover and send out some new growth. I also recovered the portion which broke off. It broke off right at the soil level, so I’ve stuck it in a shot glass filled with water and am seeing if I can encourage it to send out some new roots. If I can manage that, then I can get a little pot and replant it. If not, well, rosemary roasted potatoes are delicious. It hasn’t turned brown yet, though, so I’m holding out hope.

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