Confession: Upstairs/Downstairs

I love having an upstairs and a downstairs. For how I like things organized and the “flow” I like in a home, a multilevel floorplan suits me. A big reason is that I like having a clear definition between public areas and private ones. One aspect of our current house that I really like is that with a half bath on the ground level (our “public” areas) there is no reason for people to venture upstairs to what I consider our more private, family space (bedrooms and accompanying bathrooms). It’s just a quirk of mine, but I have to admit having this division makes me feel more comfortable.

The other reason I love having an upstairs and a downstairs (and still related to the first) is because of days like today. Today has been just one of those days. I felt exhausted by 9:30am and would have happily locked myself in my room and gone back to bed. Obviously this course of action isn’t possible with two children running around, but there you have it. Anyway, because we have a two story house (and thus a clear separation between public and private spaces) I feel more comfortable prioritizing cleaning tasks. Granted, I try to keep things pretty tidy to begin with. Too much clutter makes me feel antsy. This means for the most part, cleaning is just typical day to day maintenance, and doesn’t take more than 30-45 minutes per day. However, some days (and today is one of them), even that much isn’t happening. I’m too tired, too pregnant, and just too overwhelmed with other things going on at the moment. Knowing that the only people who will see the upstairs are my husband and kids, lets me feel better about letting things slide for a day or two upstairs. Maybe I wait a day to do the bathrooms, perhaps the vacuuming can wait for the weekend. The downstairs still gets maintained, but I don’t feel the same urgency to get EVERYTHING done. And that’s nice sometimes. Just being able to say to yourself, “It can wait,” and take a breather when you need to. I know I needed it today.

There you have it. I confess that part of the reason I love a two story floorplan is that it lets me have days when I can be more selective in my cleaning tasks. I’m sure there were days even June Cleaver wanted to take a breather.

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