In Our Garden: The Little Herb That Could

It is with no small measure of pride that I write this. Given my history with plants, just the fact that the rosemary is still alive (both parts!) is impressive to me. However, I am pleased to announce that we have root growth! That’s right, the poor, decapitated, top portion of the rosemary plant that I stuck in a shot glass with water and hoped for the best, is regrowing a root system. Considering I was pretty sure that the thing was going to end up as a component of rosemary roasted potatoes, I am very pleased with myself. Hopefully in the next few days, as the roots continue to grow out, it will become hearty enough to transplant into a small pot and move back outside.

I can’t tell you how much this pleases me. I don’t pretend to have any real scientific background in gardening, so basically I did this as a shot in the dark while praying that this would keep the rosemary alive and help it recover (with a delicious Plan B just in case). I’m still rather amazed that it seems to have worked. Maybe I will turn this thumb green after all.

It lives!

It lives!

*This post is dedicated to my Grandfather, one of the best gardeners I ever knew and an urban farmer before it was hip.

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