In Our Garden: Harvest!

Our Carrots

Our Carrots

We did it! We really did it! Last night Big Bit got to eat the first of the carrots we planted together. They weren’t the prettiest things, and, being grown in a box planter, they weren’t that big, but that doesn’t matter. She helped to grow them and she got to eat them. She was so proud! Especially since she got to help cook them, too. (Mama is usually very strict about kitchen access while cooking is going on.)

So there you have it, a successful first harvest. Hopefully by thinning out the planter a bit, some of the other carrots that are left will get a chance to grow a bit more and then we can have some more sometime next week. I’m so glad we took on this project. Big Bit really enjoyed it (and so did I) and she got to see where some of her food comes from, all the way from a tiny seed to something on her plate.

(And part of me still can’t believe we pulled this off.)

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