Our First “First Day”

Monday was a big day here. It was Big Bit’s FIRST First Day of School. She was so excited. She loves having a lunch box and a little backpack (even though at this point she doesn’t really need one, since she’s not quite to books and homework yet). However, it is definitely a big adjustment for us. Some things about being on a school schedule are quite nice. Others, well, they’ll take some more getting used to.

One the good side:

  • We have a definite schedule. I now have to be up at a certain time and have to get showered and dressed in the morning. It’s nice to start the day feeling like something got accomplished, even if that something was just being able to put on a real pair of pants and having hair that doesn’t suffer from perpetual bedhead.
  • I’m able to get so much more done at home. Chores that took most of the day now are done by noon, if not earlier. Not having to constantly check that a certain oldest child isn’t managing to get into things she shouldn’t in the two minutes I’m taking laundry from the dryer upstairs to be put away or bringing another load down, makes such things proceed much faster. Even with Little Bit running around, I still find myself being much more efficient.
  • Speaking of Little Bit, she LOVES being the big girl of the house while Big Bit is in school. She plays, gets plenty of one on one mama time, doesn’t have to worry about being bossed around by a big sister…life is good.

And on the “It’ll take some more getting used to side,”:

  • We are not morning people, and the early wake up time is definitely contrary to Big Bit’s natural inclinations. Mine too, to be honest. We’ll survive, but hopefully naps will become a more regular occurrence again, for her and for me.
  • It’s quiet…almost TOO quiet. This house, even with Little Bit running around, is almost quiet to the point of being disconcertingly so. Big Bit is such a ball of energy, it’s strange not to have that in the house. Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying it all the same, especially since things will be significantly less quiet once Niblet decides to finally make her entrance (yes, I’m STILL pregnant *grumble*), but it is taking some getting used to. I think part of it is just mommy senses that go on high alert when it gets quiet. The only time small children are quiet is when they are unconscious or getting into trouble. At least, that’s the case with this house.

But yeah, another milestone reached. I know that it’ll be special when each of the girls starts school for the first time, but this time is my first time, too, which seems to make it an even bigger deal, if only in my own head. Granted it also makes me feel old (“I have a kid in SCHOOL. When did that happen?!?”), but it’s a good thing. Big Bit gets to reach another step in her journey and I get to enjoy watching her grow. And I’ll have a way cleaner house to boot! Huzzah!

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