In Our Garden: Flowers!


We successfully grew flowers! The bluebonnets made it and actually gave us some blooms. Granted they were a bit late compared to if we were actually seeing the wild ones in Texas, but it was still nice to see them. But wait, you say, those aren’t all bluebonnets in that planter. Right you are. The other flowers are moss roses and let me tell you, they have gone nuts! Next spring I may still plant some bluebonnets, but the other planter will be all moss roses, they’ve done so well. That or perhaps I will plant my bluebonnets in both planters and then after a few weeks add my moss roses since it made for a pretty box having the two blooming together.

Why are there moss roses in my planter of bluebonnets? Well a few weeks after we had planted our bluebonnets a certain preschooler and gardening helper got into a drawer where I was storing some seed packets and ripped one of them open, spilling seeds all over the drawer. After said preschooler was appropriately chastised for being in said drawer, I cleaned up the seeds and decided to just sprinkle them in the planters and see what happened. So a total accident, but one with a most happy result. Big Bit and Little Bit have loved seeing all these flowers and their color. The flowers seem to only last a day, but they are beautiful to look at in the mornings while we get ready for school.

Unfortunately I have to report that the lupines we planted have yet to flower, and with the seasons starting to turn here and things getting chilly I’m sort of doubting that they will. Oh well, it was worth a shot. Like I said, next spring and summer will be all about the moss roses.



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