In Our Garden: See You Next Spring

The gardening days are coming to an end, at least for this year. We had our first snow earlier in the month, and now the temperatures are getting to be consistently cold and usually around freezing or below overnight. My basil kicked the bucket after the first really cold night. Basil is a rather particular plant, I’ve discovered. It never did very well to begin with. It was too hot and the leaves got scorched, it got too much water when we had big thunderstorms, local rabbits took too many nibbles, etc. I’m sure if it could have spoken it would have had a list complaints about its treatment a mile long. The lupines never did bloom either, but I resigned myself to that a while ago.

We did get our last little harvest of carrots and Big Bit was happy to have them for her dinner a few nights ago. I must say these were rather respectable looking carrots. Having thinned out the box planter with our previous harvests, these actually had room to grow and look carroty.

Big Bit's Last Carrots

Big Bit’s Last Carrots

My big rosemary bush that I bought to replace the one that was decapitated by the windstorm is still doing pretty well, though I may see if I can keep it going in the garage over the winter. While rosemary has proven to be much a heartier plant than others (*cough* BASIL!), I won’t test its fortitude by leaving it out all winter. Hopefully I will be able to nurse it through and it can return to the patio in the spring.

Ah, Spring. I will be counting down the days.

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