How Is It Almost February!?!

I’m going to go ahead and say it: January totally got away from me. I had the best of intentions. I had plans. But we all know what they say about plans and intentions. Don’t get me wrong, the month started out great, but then we got hit by the typical “Welcome back from Christmas vacation!” illness. Small children are petri dishes and going back to school is just an excuse for them to swap germs. I got sick first, followed by Big Bit, and then the rest of the house. That means that for the past three weeks or so someone (or multiple someones), has been sick. I don’t know about y’all, but illness in the house means my productivity goes down the drain. Part of it is the fact that the girls get clingy when they’re sick. Typical young child behavior, but it makes it hard to get anything other than the most pressing chores accomplished.
Fortunately, everyone finally seems to be on the mend so I’m hoping to pick back up with posting. I managed a new recipe, so be on the lookout for No-Peek Chicken in the next few days. Hopefully the new year has been less plague-filled for you.

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