Hey all! Now I haven’t forgotten about No-Peek Chicken (hopefully I can get the recipe up to you tomorrow), but if you want to see what I’ve been thinking about go check out my post on The Common Gentlewoman. Nothing huge, just my thoughts on the latest Mommy/”Feminist” (and I use the term loosely) flame war. And I got to use the word “brouhaha!” I’m always happy to have an excuse to use the word “brouhaha.”

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  1. Great post over there. I haven’t read the Amy Glass article in its entirety because it will make my blood boil and I will probably feel such an extreme amount of rage that it would ruin my day, and I just can’t give her that kind of power right now. I have, however, read some excerpts and even just those few direct quotes make me reel. You’re response was fantastic. I particularly like where you talk about your presence at home providing “stability in a chronically unstable life.” Amen to that, my friend. Anyway, good job!

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