Where Did All My Productivity Go?

Oh wait, it’s summer vacation. Summer vacation means my productivity level has taken a bit of a vacation, too, at least when it comes to my online presence. I’ve had plenty to keep me busy, though. Summer vacation means Big Bit is back in the fold at home, so I have all three home to take care of and entertain. All day. Every day. It’s fun getting to do things together as a family, such as zoo trips and all that, but it is harder to get things done around the house with three little ones under foot. And even harder to do some of the stuff that is just for me. Especially blogging, since that requires a certain level of energy in order to maintain coherent posts and such. After a day of managing the house and taking care of the girls, I find it hard to muster the energy to do anything other than sit down and veg for a bit before calling it a night. Part of me hates to admit it, but when school starts up here in a few weeks, I will probably be one of those moms doing a little happy dance in the parking lot after drop-off.

So what have we been up to?

The garden survived those last freezes and is blooming, though not as well as last year. My guess is the late freezes and such messed with the growing season. The moss roses are still my troopers. Of all my plants, they seem to have handled everything the best. The bluebonnets have barely bloomed at all, and this late in the season I doubt they will do much more. The bulbs don’t seem to have handled the stresses of our weather this year as well, either. They aren’t dead and are still growing, but neither the gladiolus nor dahlia has bloomed, yet. I’m not holding out much hope for the gladiolus, however I see some possible budding on the dahlia, so maybe I’ll still have some luck with that. If it does bloom, I’ll take some pictures, since it should be a pretty one.

We also took some time for a family “vacation.” First one in nearly two years (such is military life). We went back to visit family and let everyone meet Niblet, since most of the family hadn’t been able to meet her in person before. I’m guessing you noticed I put vacation in quotes. I’m not saying the trip wasn’t enjoyable, because it was. It’s just that traveling with three small children, isn’t much of a vacation for mom and dad. Luckily, since we haven’t taken any sort of time off like this in so long, my husband has enough leave accrued so now that we’re back home from our journey, we get to take a “stay-cation,” which is proving to be much more relaxing. He’s been spoiling me by taking point on the kiddos and letting me sleep in the past few mornings. It’s so decadent to sleep past 8am!

After this though, it’s back to the routine. Hubs will be back to work and it will be time to get ready for back to school. I’m not mad at that, though. It’s nice to have a routine and a specific set of to-do’s for any given day. Anyway, maybe when the routine comes back, my productivity will come with it!

I Promise I Haven’t Dropped Completely Off the Face of the Earth

Wow. I hadn’t realized it had been so long since my last post. I wish I could tell you I’ve been busy doing something interesting and exciting, but I can’t. I’ve been busy, but not with anything more than the normal tasks of day to day life. Honestly (and rather unfortunately), the most eventful part of the last month has been the family taking turns being sick with a stomach virus for a week. Note: Being woken up by a child covered in their own vomit is NOT my preferred alarm clock. Especially when it happens twice in one week, involving two different children. Yeah. The fact that THAT was the event of the past month should tell you something. Like I said, it’s not even that there was anything particular going on or anything, things were just busy. There wasn’t much to write about, and I haven’t even been that inspired to try new Pinterest recipes.

Hopefully though, that’s all about to change. Now that it’s spring, or at least will be once the weather out here makes up its mind, we’ll be able to replant our garden and other such activities. Big Bit has said she only wants flowers this year, so we’ll have our bluebonnets and moss roses, and maybe some other varieties in some of the smaller flower pots. I’ll probably restart my herb garden, if only to grow a nice crop of green onion for me to freeze.I’m also looking forward to the availability of spring and summer produce, because that means delicious things to cook and eat. So yes, I know I went MIA for a bit, but I’m looking forward to getting back in my blogging groove and posting some fun things in the next few weeks. In regards to a new Pinterest recipe: What would you like to see me try? A main dish, something baked, a straight-up dessert? Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Hey all! Now I haven’t forgotten about No-Peek Chicken (hopefully I can get the recipe up to you tomorrow), but if you want to see what I’ve been thinking about go check out my post on The Common Gentlewoman. Nothing huge, just my thoughts on the latest Mommy/”Feminist” (and I use the term loosely) flame war. And I got to use the word “brouhaha!” I’m always happy to have an excuse to use the word “brouhaha.”

How Is It Almost February!?!

I’m going to go ahead and say it: January totally got away from me. I had the best of intentions. I had plans. But we all know what they say about plans and intentions. Don’t get me wrong, the month started out great, but then we got hit by the typical “Welcome back from Christmas vacation!” illness. Small children are petri dishes and going back to school is just an excuse for them to swap germs. I got sick first, followed by Big Bit, and then the rest of the house. That means that for the past three weeks or so someone (or multiple someones), has been sick. I don’t know about y’all, but illness in the house means my productivity goes down the drain. Part of it is the fact that the girls get clingy when they’re sick. Typical young child behavior, but it makes it hard to get anything other than the most pressing chores accomplished.
Fortunately, everyone finally seems to be on the mend so I’m hoping to pick back up with posting. I managed a new recipe, so be on the lookout for No-Peek Chicken in the next few days. Hopefully the new year has been less plague-filled for you.

Happy New Year!

A happy 2014 to you all! We had a successful Christmas and a low key, but perfectly acceptable New Year’s Eve. Our Christmas decor was all put away by Dec. 27 (a record for us!), and while I was sorry to see it go, the layout of the house is such that I am glad to have the space back. Hubs had to work New Year’s Eve, so my date was Colin Firth’s Mr. Darcy. I watch the 1995 BBC production of Pride and Prejudice as my New Year’s countdown. A most genteel way to spend the evening.

Unfortunately, we’ve spent the last week or so taking turns being sick. Nothing horrible, just a yucky, phlegmy cold/cough. It’s the kind where you sound horrible, especially in the morning, but once you get up and about, you feel mostly fine. Hopefully we’re all on the upswing, though. Sick kids are bad enough. Well kids while you’re sick is worse.

So I hate to say it, since I do love the holiday season and all the trappings of that time of year, but I am happy that we will be getting back on our normal schedule. Big Bit will be back to school, and we’ll be able to resume our routine. I’ll admit, as much as I love getting to hang out with all three kids, I get so much more done with Big Bit in school. We’re also hoping to start the potty training adventure with Little Bit, and lord knows that’s easier to do with a semi-regular schedule in place, rather than when the family is running around all the time with no set routine.

There you are. A short little update. Hopefully as we get back into the swing of things here I’ll be able to post more recipes. I have a few that I found over the holiday that I want to try in the near future. Also, I am committing myself to trying some crafting this year. I’m not sure what, but it will happen. I hope.

Happy 2014!

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hi, I’m Amy (aka G.I. June). I’m a proud military spouse and mom of two (with #3 due this summer). I’m an unexpected housewife (more on that at a later date), learning to embrace domesticity. I enjoy cooking, so you’ll find many posts on here documenting my attempts as I navigate my way through various Pinterest recipes I come across. I occasionally attempt to craft, with mixed results. Every so often I even wade into parenting news stories of the day, because really, sometimes how can one not?

It’s nice to meet you. Welcome to my world.

Nice to meet you! As you can see, I appear perfectly ordinary.

Nice to meet you! As you can see, I appear perfectly ordinary.