The Big Update

I’ve been kind of quiet the past few weeks in regards to blogging and social networking, but I have good reason for my little hiatus. Drumroll please! I am very happy (very,very happy) to report that I am (finally) not pregnant anymore. Niblet arrived safely and with considerable flair. (If there’s any interest in such things, I’ll write a more detailed account of her delivery at a later date. It is a rather funny story, as childbirth stories go.)
Anyway, we’ve been adjusting to being a family of 5 and the new normal. There won’t really be a set routine for a few more weeks, but that will develop in time as Niblet gets a little older. My main wish is to synchronize nap time so both she and Little Bit are napping after lunch, before we go get Big Bit from school. I figure that time then becomes prime housework/KP time, since I won’t have little people underfoot and needing attention. Fingers crossed I can make it happen.
Overall though, this adjustment from two kids to three kids seems to be going more smoothly than the transition from one to two. To me, at least, it has seemed pretty straight forward: Add Niblet to the fold and away we go. Granted, I have to say Big Bit being in school is helping quite a bit. She gets to go do “big girl stuff” and I can focus more on Little Bit and Niblet during the time Big Bit is away. I’m hopeful that everything will continue to go smoothly. So far Big Bit and Little Bit are completely in love with their baby sister and one of the new highlights of my day is watching them all together. Three girls. I would never have imagined it.
So there you have it. I finally had the baby and I’m getting back in the swing of things. Hopefully this next week or so I can start doing my New Pinterest Recipe of the Week again, as well as give some updates on our garden. See you soon!