The Great Bed Swap (Or How My Husband Proved I Drive a Tank)

We’re in the midst of a rather big transition here. We’re preparing to move the Niblet out of our room and into a crib in a room she will be sharing with Little Bit. This move means obviously Little Bit can’t sleep in the crib anymore. Since we didn’t want Little Bit to be moved out of the crib and it immediately have a new occupant, we’ve initiated the switch prior to Niblet moving. Here’s the big swap: Big Bit was moved out of her toddler bed and into a standard double, her “grown up, big girl bed.” She tends to splay out when she sleeps, so she takes up more space than one would think possible, making a double a rather good size for her. Little Bit has thus inherited the toddler bed. To make it exciting and fun, I found her a new sheet set, just for her, with owls on it. Owls are her favorite animal, so she was beyond happy when she saw her new bed. This means the crib is empty and once we are sure that Niblet is on a schedule conducive to going to bed and waking up around the same time as Little Bit, we’ll be good to go. The main reason we’ve been delaying on this is that Niblet tends to still be ready for bed about an hour before Little Bit, and every so often is waking up for a 2 or 3am feed. Not exactly an ideal situation for trying to get Little Bit to keep to her sleep schedule. Hopefully though, we’ll be ready to finish the switch in the next few weeks since I’m currently working on shifting Niblet’s bedtime schedule.

So how does this prove I drive a tank? Well we needed a double mattress for Big Bit’s new bed. We had the frame sitting in our garage (it was mine back in my college days), but had gotten rid of the original mattress years ago. I sent my husband to go check out the local mattress store since I had seen they were having a sale. He comes home and asks me how soon I want the mattress delivered, and whether that afternoon was acceptable. I told him, of course, I just needed to know what time the store was delivering so I could make sure and have the space cleared out in Big Bit’s room. He then laughs and tells me to come outside, at which point he shows me the mattress and box spring sitting in our car. Not tied on top, INSIDE. Now this did involve the folding of seats and some creative tetrising of car seats on my husband’s part, but yes, he managed to fit a standard double mattress and box spring in our car and get the trunk fully down and secured. And that is how he proved I drive a tank.