In Our Garden: Still Waiting

Ugh! I’ve been wanting to get our garden going the past couple of weekends but the weather here just won’t cooperate! We’ll have a couple of really lovely days, but then get hit by a snow storm which dumps a few inches on us. We’re getting hit today, and then are expected to get another later in the week. April is really starting to irritate me weather-wise. It’s making it rather hard to organize my closet when I have to have my winter clothes and my spring/summer clothes all out at once. Make up your mind, weather! I’m getting the impression that spring out here is really a lie and that all it is, is summer and winter duking it out for a month before winter finally gives up its hold and things are blisteringly hot for the next 5 months. Anyway, I’m hoping that this snow storm coming up later this week is the last hurrah and that we can get going on our garden this weekend. I have everything planned out, I just need the weather to hold up so that Big Bit and I can plant things and not be worried a freeze will come along and kill everything a week later. There seems to be something appropriate about planting our gardenĀ over Easter weekend, anyway. Fingers crossed.

However, not having the garden to work on has meant there has been some more time for puttering around in the kitchen. I’ve been playing around with a few new recipes that I’m hoping to have up in the coming days. There are a couple of things I want to tweak, but then they will be ready to go, so keep your eyes out.